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LIMBO ACCRA - Teach on the Beach

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July 2023


Architectural Designer, Spatial Designer

Nam Fononoo: A Center For Education

Teach on the Beach was a competition create a new Educational Center in Busua, Ghana. In collaboration with Limbo Accra my role was to implement spatial design aspects to accompany the architectural design.Through the design process and creating sketches we created a space that celebrated culture and the future of design.

Located in the western region of Ghana, Busua is renowned for its abundant landscapes, picturesque coastlines, and vibrant, authentic Ghanaian lifestyle. The region's harmonious blend of natural beauty and cultural richness evokes a sense of equilibrium, where endless possibilities seem within reach. It is in this context that our proposal for expanding the 'Teach on the Beach' initiative takes shape, wholeheartedly embracing the spirit of Busua.

Our vision for the Teach on the Beach project goes beyond mere functionality for education. By integrating architectural and design elements that are visually captivating, environmentally conscious, and culturally significant, we aim to create a space that inspires and uplifts the local community in Busua. Moreover, this project strives to position Ghana as a beacon of design, art, and education in West Africa, fueling a promising future for the country.

Upcycling Approaches & Artistic Innovation:

Inspired by the works of two contemporary Ghanaian artists, Serge Attukwei Clottey and Patrick Tagoe Turkson, who specialize in repurposing materials like Kuffour gallons and discarded flip-flops (chale-wote) found on the beach, our proposal seeks to incorporate contemporary artistic significance into the space. By repurposing these materials, various artistic pieces can be created, offering endless possibilities for their utilization within the educational center such as: yoga mats, shading elements, cushions, or curtains. The pieces will not only serve functional purposes but will also play a pivotal role in engaging students and visitors.

Clients: Dominique Petit-Frere and Emil Grip, Limbo Accra
Architect: Nicole Gry Holme
Designer: Trini-Maria Katakwe

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