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LIMBO ACCRA: Africa’s Liminal Futures

Project type

Exhibition Design, Scenography


November 2023


Chicago Cultural Center


Exhibition Designer

I had the opportunity to collaborate with LIMBO ACCRA to create their exhibition design for ‘Africa's Liminal Futures’ at the fifth edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennale. The installation uncovers the most important architectural typology in contemporary African cities. Incomplete and abandoned buildings have become distinctive across the West African region. Structures intended for the grand potential of African futures are now left to signify infrastructural failures and mismanagement. LIMBO ACCRA reinterpreted the meaning by transforming them as symbols of prosperity, opportunity, inspiration and hope for the future.

Developed by Thomas McLucas who created the Digital Design, utilised the technique of photogrammetry to document a digital archive of the abandoned architecture. The scanning process captures the skeletal structures of the unfinished buildings, creating a world dedicated to their existence. Research and documentation have been conducted in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and Nigeria, with plans to expand across Africa.

The exhibition design was to create a ‘void’ to immerse the spatial environment to convey the atmosphere connoted to the subject of abandonment and incompleteness of the architectural typology. As the space was through a corridor, elements such as floor zoning were used to create spatial viewing areas of the space. Projection content and audio by Thomas McLucas were displayed, acting as the focal backdrop of the void. Audio recordings of the cities were played to immerse the environment into the various West African cities. Photography was displayed within the vitrines to show the process of the uncovering of the abandoned buildings. The space shifts your perspective into focusing on their greatness, transformation and the progression of Africa's future.

The exhibition will be on until February 2024.

Exhibitors: LIMBO ACCRA (Dominique Petit-Frere and Emil Grip) @limboaccra
Digital Designer: Thomas McLucas @archimclucas
Exhibition Designer: Trini-Maria Katakwe @trinimariak

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