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Christian Aid: Climate Justice

Project type

Illustration, Campaign


March 2022

The Climate Justice resource document for Christian Aid was to create awareness of climate issues happening globally. Accompanying the interviews taken with young people across the globe, I created illustrations that highlighted the importance of climate justice and how faith can shift our perspective.

"The process I undergo with creating these illustrations always starts with prayer. I ask God to use me as a vessel to create the artwork that translates and showcases the voices of the people involved in this project. Additionally, I then sketch out the ideas on paper and proceed with digitising the drawings. The colour palette was influenced by Christian Aids branding colours, which helped me form each piece to be unique to the stories.

I use my art to uplift those who are underrepresented, my praver is that being a part of this project will be able to highlight these issues and amplify everyone's voice. I enjoyed the process of creating these illustrations as I become informed about climate justice issues and ways that we can play our part with creating awareness. What climate justice means to me is to work in unity, the impact is amplified with several voices whether it's in our local communities and the government. The change won't be effective unless we implement global strategies to make climate issues mandatory." TMK

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