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April 2023

Acrylic Box (40 x 40 cm), Mixed media collage

‘UN-BOXED’ is a 3D collage immersive AR experience exploring a combination of my creative disciplines into one piece. This box represents the past, present and future of my journey. As a multifaceted creative, I have experienced moments of being boxed into various roles. This piece celebrates and showcases the beauty of living without the limits of confining to one creative space. The process of creativity is an endless rediscovery.

Through the fragments of my imagination, I unbox my skills by experimenting with model making, illustration, photography and 3D CAD to create the iridescent dimensional collage. Accompanied by the sculpture, the AR filter ‘Shattered Pieces’ transcends the collage into an immersive experience, viewing a fragmented environment of living outside of the box.

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