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Peter Grimes - CSSD - MA Scenography

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December 2021


Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Peter Grimes is a multicultural opera set in a surreal coastal town called ‘The Borough’. The community have migrated from different coastal communities around the world as it was seen as a utopia, a place that will give them freedom and a home to fulfil all their dreams. The present state of The Borough is changing, tension is rising. The Borough is falling apart due to the death of the apprentice Whitney Spode, a young black girl who was known for braiding ropes around the community. A local fisherman and native to the community, Peter Grimes is the topic for gossip and facing judgement over his decisions. The sea is what brought them together, but it is now bringing them a part. This opera is looking through the lens of minorities and seeing how pressure can lead to a great downfall. Does gossip, pressure and stigmatisation affect how someone may view themselves? A wrong decision changed everything and now the tragic death of Whitney Spode still lingers the community. A spirit that still lives amongst The Borough.

Costume Design (examples): Connecting to the texture of the newspaper, the costumes layer typography, draped fabric and monochromatic tones. The Borough’s style was developed from the integration of their different cultural backgrounds. Developed through a series of sketches and textiles, each character has their own identity reflected into their costumes.

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